Utkal Divas 2019
06.04.2019 - 06.04.2019
Utkal Divas


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Dear Members,

We are delighted to inform you all about upcoming Utkal Divas - 2019, which is proposed on 06.04.2019 (Saturday) evening at NESCO – Anupuram

We take this opportunity to welcome all our new members to the group event and request for active participation.

On behalf of Utkal Samaj, we are happy to invite the retired / old members with family for the event, based on the contact details available as on date. 

Details of the event are outlined below.


-        Magazine for this year will be only released on digital format and circulated through website, email and Whatsapp in PDF format. There will not be any printed version in hardcopy.

-        Articles in Odia will be given preference over English / Hindi.

-        Authors are responsible for originality of the submitted article and format quality, as the same will be published in as received condition with no further editing / correction, if selected. 

-        The updated member database will be also included in the magazine, for which all of you are requested to confirm the details entered in attached sheet.

-        Uploading of articles can be through website login or mail to committee members responsible for magazine. 

-        Acceptance/Sequencing/grouping of articles and contents will be as decided by the responsible committee members.


Committee members to be contacted

-        Amit  Kumar Champatiray

-        Madhusmita

-        Litun Swain



-        Members are encouraged to register at website and upload the articles as demonstrated in video url https://youtu.be/4wLMCH5gMPc

-        As intimated before, the odia samaj website member registration option is available at https://www.odiasamaj.com/register.html.


In case of any difficulty, please contact  

Amit  Kumar Champatiray


Cultural program:

-        There will be no formal meeting and the program shall start after puja / bande utkala janani song. 

-        For the cultural program, the time slot available (6.30 pm to 9 pm) will be shared based on the types of performance request received from members.

-        Program in Odia language will be preferred over other languages.

-        Members are encouraged to register / perform in group for requested slot, to have maximum participation.

-        Group performance request will be preferred over solo, in any category.

-        As the total available time slot is limited, final selection/sequencing of the programs will be decided by the committee.    

-        Committee members responsible for the cultural event, will take care of conducting the entire event with co-ordination from interested participants.


Committee members to be contacted

-        Abhiram Senapati

-        Sujit Kumar Mahapatra

-        R. K. Baral



-        Dinner will be arranged after 9 PM at the same spot / venue.


Amount to be collected:

For associated logistics  

-        All trainees ( Cat-I, II & TSO) - No contribution

-        Below SO/C- Rs. 100/- ( Bachelor) & Rs. 300/- (Family)

-        SO/C to SO/E- Rs. 500/Family

-        SO/F & above-Rs.1000/Family

-        Retired members – Voluntary contribution, if any


Note: Members are welcome for additional voluntary contribution, if they desire.


For Dinner (to be collected from all)

-        Adults – Rs.250/-

-        Kids (7-12 y)- Rs. 150/-


You all are requested to make a note of the date, venue and contribute as indicated above.   

Please be kind enough to contact and pay the respective dues to the following nodal members, based on your office bldg / group and also confirm / share the contact details as listed in attached database, during payment of contribution amount. 

Kindly co-operate with nodal members for collection of amount at the earliest, as the numbers need to be officially communicated to caterer well in advance.  

In case any area/bldg/Grp is missed by mistake, you are requested to pay to any of these members along with required details.

All the members are requested to please communicate the details of planned get together to surrounding odia staff, in case this communication has not reached them.     


List of Nodal Members with contact details for collection:  

BHAVINI-  Pravenjit Dash

MAPS-Jhasa Ketan Sahu

PRP-Sujit Kumar Mahapatra

KARP-B B Murmu

WIP-Nandighosh Sahu

Malaya Ranjan Nayak

CWMF-Nrusingha Sahoo

NDDP-Rabindra Baral

GSO-Jagadish Panda

ESG-Anil Kumar Sahoo

EnSD/HASL/SRI/WSCD/SED/SRL-Biranchi  Narayan Mohanty

FRFCF-Prasanta Kumar Nayak

RpG-Satyabrata Mishra

MC&MFCG- Alok Rout

MSG, CD - Deepak Kumar Gupta

MMG - Haraprasanna Tripathy

CDO/FRTG - Anurag Samantara

FBTR/RML-Satya Narayan Sahoo

Rabindra Nayak, PIED/RML

JRF/SRF/RA - to handover the amount to respective nodal officer in grp/bldg


 We look forward for full support and active participation from all. 


With best regards

Odia Samaj Committee



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